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Wholesale - 10cs MPINS F1000HDTV -high speed 1080P HDMI cable 2m 6.56feet 
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MPINS HDMI cables are specially designed for hi-def video/audio signals for home theater applications and professional home theater installations. All of our cables are made for home theater in mind using the highest quality cabling, jacket materials and gold plating for better connectivity, longevity and signal strength. MPINS HDMI Cables support all HDTV formats including 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the first industry-supported, UNCOMPRESSED audio/video interface. This cable connects HDMI devices for DVD, satellite boxes, LCD, projectors, plasma and HDTVs. HDMI provides an interface between any HDMI-enabled audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, and A/V receiver and an audio and/or video monitor or projector.
HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. It transmits all HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio, with bandwidth to spare to accommodate future enhancements and requirements.

You may link any two HDMI devices together with this cable and it will work with any devices that have a HDMI port.

MPINS F1000HD uses highest grade PCOCC+Hi-OFC oxygen-free copper also with high density Multi-Layer shielding for ultmate rejecton of EM and RF interference make it able to Zero Data Loss.

• 24k Gold contacts - For maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance
• Single large size OCC - For reduced resistance and optimized signal transfer; helps deliver -wide bandwidth and exceptionally high pixel rates

• Nitrogen(N2) Gas-Injected Dielectric - High velocity of propagation for maximum signal strength and reduced bit error,even over long runs
•  High-Density Quad-Layer Shielding - Double layers of aluminized Mylar foil and dense copper braiding provide ultimate rejection of RF and EM interference

• Flat Design - Flexible for easy routing and installation.Resistant to temperature extremes

This cable is certified to perform at all standards set by HDMI 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.

Connector Finish: Gold
Length: 6.56ft
Gauge: 28AWG
# of conductors: 19
Shielding level: Triple
Shielding type: EMI
Ferrite Cores: Yes
HDMI Certified: Yes
HDMI Spec: 1.3
HDCP Compliant: Yes
CEC Compliant: Yes
ROHS Compliant: Yes
1.2 Device Compatible: Yes
Supports DVD Audio: Yes
Supports SACD: Yes
Supports TrueHD & DTS-HD: Yes
Bandwidth: 340 Mhz 10.2 Gbps

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