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Bushido Blade 
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Item Description

Item specifics - Video Games
Platform:     Sony PlayStation    Genre:     Fighting
Rating:     T - Teen    Sub-Genre:     --
Condition:     Like New    Format:     NTSC (N. America)
UPC:     711719418023    Release Date:     Oct 25, 1997
Publisher:     Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.          
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Detailed item info
BUSHIDO BLADE is a revolutionary 3D fighter from Squaresoft, which lets you play from either the first or third-person perspective. This game is also serial linkable, so you can connect two PlayStation game consoles together via a link cable and fight against your friends. Choose from six different modes of play: Story, Versus, Slash, Training, POV, and Link. Select any of the six skilled warriors: Red Shadow, Tatsumi, Mikado, Black Lotus, Utsusemi, and Kannuki. Equip them with one of the eight ancient swords and weapons: Katana, Rapier, Naginata, Sledgehammer, Nodachi, Long Sword, Saber, or Broadsword. Combat takes place throughout an old Japanese castle, where you can move around at will and make your stand wherever you wish. The game's Story mode encourages fighting with honor; certain endings are unavailable if you have dishonored yourself throughout the course of the game. If you strike an opponent while they are climbing or on the ground is considered dishonorable. BUSHIDO BLADE's fighting system is a little different from most fighting games as well, as a single, well-placed blow can bring instant death to an adversary.

Special Features
6 unique characters, 6 fighting modes, variety of moves and combo attacks, 8 ancient weapons to choose from, storyline with multiple endings, 2 player versus mode available

Animated Violence,Blood

Players:    1-2
Controller:    Gamepad,Joystick

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